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Captain’s Treasure

Joker123 Captains Treasure

Slot games are synonymous for adventures in the mind of most players, and many developers choose to create new games with a strong universe that furthers this feeling.

Captain’s Treasure by Joker123 uses a pirate theme to create an epic gaming universe, where sunken treasures abound and each spin of the reels can lead to big wins and plenty of excitement. And pirates are undeniably cool, so you can expect this particular slot game to be very popular amongst a vast audience of players.


Retro slot game ahoy

Captain’s Treasure uses classic design elements and to create a rather vintage atmosphere for players to enjoy.

The reels are placed within a wooden environment that evokes the hull of a pirates’ ship. The game’s title stands prominently on top of the reels, while the command bar is located below them. A pile of gold coins can also been see in the background, there to evoke the treasures you will be getting your hands on in the near future.

Coupled with a dynamic pirate soundtrack, Captain’s Treasure provides a more than decent fantasy world for players to get lost in. Let’s take a closer look at the ground rules of the game in the next part of our review.

Setting up for an adventure at Joker123 Captains Treasure

Captain’s Treasure follows classic gameplay elements that most players with a little experience with slot games probably already know.

The setup consists of three reels containing three symbols each, and nine paylines available in total. You need to make sure that specific combinations of symbols land on those paylines to pocket the associated cash reward. Start by taking a look at the bottom command bar. Use the Bet One Button to increase or decrease the amount of coins you wish to bet on the next spin, keeping in mind that a bigger, riskier bet can also trigger larger wins down the hill. The Bet Max shortcut is there to let you go all-in in just one click, if you are feeling particularly in luck. Hit Spin to get the game started otherwise, and watch the reels spin and stop to reveal your prizes

Check out the Autoplay button to activate the game’s autopilot mode. The reels will then spin on their own for as long as you like, while all consecutive wins will add up in your credit total automatically.


The ingredients for an epic sea voyage for Joker123 Captains Treasure

The ten different reel symbols of Captain’s Treasure can be separated into two different groups.

The first group contains classic, card-inspired symbols ranging from number 9 to the Ace. Pirates were avid gamblers themselves, so these old-school icons have deserved their place on the reels of the game. They will therefore appear frequently, but yield only modest payouts.

The Ship’s Wheel, the Anchor, the Map and the crossed Swords represent the most valuable symbols of Captain’s Treasure. Combinations as short as two icons start paying small rewards, with the payouts going upwards in value as the combinations grow longer.

Special treats of Joker123 Captains Treasure

There are two extra special symbols to be found in Captain’s Treasure, ready to spice up your game and add a little more excitement to the mix.

The Captain himself might show up on the reels, to act as a Wild card. This means that he can replace any other symbol and help your score more winning combinations across the reels. Keep in mind that the Captain only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4.

The Treasure icon is the Scatter of the game. Regardless of its position, two or more Treasures on screen correspond to a winning combination. One original element worth mentioning here is the fact that the Wild card can also substitute for a Scatter, unlike in the vast majority of video slot games. This means that a Captain icon can add up to the Treasures present on screen to trigger an even larger win.

All aboard with the Joker123 Captains Treasure

Captain’s Treasure is yet another video slot game revolving around a pirate-themed universe. As such, there is not much originality in the game world, but the gameplay is and solid gameplay, which players should appreciate.

In terms of Bonuses, Captain’s Treasure does not deliver so much excitement as one might think. But if this slot game can be play in Asiabet33 is not exceptional, it is certainly a more than decent slot game with plenty of winning possibilities for players to enjoy. And pirates are still undeniably cool.


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