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Age of the Gods

Joker123 Age of the Gods

The Joker123 Age of the Gods is upon us! That’s right, we are talking about the new series of games that is available in Asiabet33 which focus on the theme of Ancient Greek mythology. With 5 reels and 20 paylines, this flagship slot machine from the new game franchise gives players a visually stunning overview of what’s to come in other titles such as Furious 4 and King of Olympus.

This game is also well stocked with a variety of exciting bonus games which take after the various gods and demi-gods of the Ancient Greek Pantheon.


Joker123 Age of the Gods An Epic Greek Legends

Greek mythology is probably the best type of mythology in our opinion. We mean, it’s all a bit like a television soap opera, but in epic proportions. There is treachery, deceit, and all sorts of hank-panky going on up there on Mount Olympus – just like your favorite prime-time drama. However, the immortal characters of this drama do happen to have almighty powers and an ability to control the elements and determine the fates of mortal humankind. You don’t see Dot Cotton doing that on The Square in EastEnders, do you?

Age of Gods taps into this powerful narrative of heavenly power to present players with a spectacularly designed slot machine game. Upon the electric blue reels that are framed in gilded gold, spinners will come across a series of famous figures from the Pantheon of Greek myth, such as the demi-god Hercules who was born with superhuman strength as well as Hades, the guardian of the underworld and Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty. Those guys are just secondary characters to the real head honchos, however. That is because the slot machine also features characters such as Poseidon, the god and ruler of the sea, Athena, the fierce goddess of war, and, of course, Mr. Zeus, the god of all gods who ruled over the world from the sky with his mighty lightning bolt.

Bonus Boosts Fit for Joker123 Age of the Gods

Just as those gods liked to bring bounteous harvests, goodwill and justice to the world over which they ruled (when they weren’t getting up to any mischief, that is) this game also offers its faithful spinners with a series of potential bountiful bonus features. In order to trigger these bonus rounds, players must first prove themselves worthy by finding three or more scattered “Age of the Gods” logo symbols in any position on the reels. What’s more, this scatter symbol will pay total bet prizes worth 3x, 10x, and 100x whenever three, four or five appear respectively.

Once the bonus game is activated, players will be taken to a new game screen with 20 bronze coins spread out in a grid. The aim of the game is to select coins to turn over to eventually match up three of the same god characters – Athena, Zeus, Poseidon and Hercules – which will in turn start a round of 9 free spins with different special bonus characteristics:

  • Athena free spins: this bonus feature will award a random multiplier of 2x – 5x before each free game.
  • Zeus free spins: : this bonus game starts with a 1x multiplier which increases by +1 with every three spins. Plus, a wild symbol is locked to the middle position of the middle reel.
  • Poseidon free spins: lightning will shoot from Poseidon’s trident in this bonus game, turning up to five symbols into extra wilds.
  • Hercules free spins: this feature will include a stacked Hercules symbol that acts as a wild symbol for all icons other than the scatter symbol.

Players should take extra care when selecting their coins, because if they were to reveal Hades then they will forfeit the bonus game and be taken back to the main game screen.

Gifts from Joker123 Age of the Gods

When it comes to placing your bets, spinners have a wide variety of options to choose from. In fact, the bets per line available range from as little as 0.01 to as much as 25.00 credits. And with 20 paylines permanently fixed to the reels, that makes for some whopping big maximum stakes of 500.00 coins per spin.

With a maximum line bet of 25 credits and a top line bet multiplier of 10,000x, this game has a truly epic prize winning potential of 250,000 credits in the base game. However, the slot machine also features some progressive jackpots that keep on rising after every spin. These jackpots can be won in a special side game that is triggered completely at random.

Colossal Wins for Joker123 Age of the Gods

The Greek gods may have been many things, but they were certainly very generous to their subjects on occasion. Lucky spinners of Age of the Gods by Playtech might just be able to appreciate that in this aesthetically stunning game which boasts some absolutely colossal winning potential.


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